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Water Project

Every minute 7 people die in the world due to lack or diseases caused by using of undrinkable water ( unsafe ) this number is much bigger than those who die from all kind of violence.

only 3 percent of the world water is drinkable and 7 percent of that is glacier and frozen.

18 percent of the world population of a billion and 159 million people have lack access to drinkable water.

water is a vital factor and very important for human being health and the main source of food production and economic development.

Middle East and North Africa, are the most water-poor regions of the world, and are confronted with frequent droughts and lack of fresh water supply...

  • wells installing
  • portable drinkable water tankers
  • Water & Plumbing for the Farms

The Holy Book asserts that water is, by the will of God, the sole basis for the emergence of life: "We have made every living thing out of water." (Sura 21 The Prophets, ayat 30).