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Quran Distribution

The Quran was revealed in the Holly month of Ramadan by prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as a miracle from Allah.
there is an extraordinary force on the Holly Quran, that Gives devout person spiritual strength to endure hardships in life.

quran distribution

The Second Stage
Alnas Foundation : the second stage of Quran distribution ( Al Ramadan 2014 ) aim to Provide Quran during the Holly month of Ramadan, to 35 Masjids in Yemen and 17 orphan care institute through middle east, to man an opportunity for poor Muslims to gain spiritual nourishment by reading the Holly book of Quran.

Alnas foundation's Quran distribution is giving an opportunity to the new Muslims, young, youth or Muslims any ages to strengthen their spiritual beliefs, Alnas foundation is supplying Masjids is southern California and Texas with holly books of Quran.

Alnas foundation( non profit ) collects sadaqah, Islamic will, Lillah and Zakah and spends %100 of the Collected funds on it's Projects in Palestine, lebanon, Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Gaza, zaatari refugee camp and kilis refugee camp. ( best UAE Charities, non profit islamic charities )