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An Orphan in Arabic is Called (yateem) which means a child who lost his both parents or is permanently abandoned by his/her parents to take their custody.

Every year more than 40 thousand children under the age of 15 are being orphaned, mostly due to coflicts, natural disasters, famine, poverty, and diseases such as (HIV/AIDS).
Alnas Foundation Orphan care's mission is to create an effective sponsorship option for thousands of orphans in more than 15 countries through (Middle East, Africa, South Asia).

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The Cost of sponsorship (Orphan care program) per orphan is :

  • Afghanistan, Gaza, Indonesia, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Pakistan, Zaatari refugee camp, Kilis refugee camp, Shatila refugee camp, Azraq Refugee camp. (monthly $39/yearly $468)
  • India, Bangladesh, Somalia, Kenya. (monthly $33/yearly $348)

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said: One who looks after the orphan whether he is his relative or not, I and he would be together in Paradise (like this two fingers), and Malik (explained it) with the gesture by drawing his index finger and middle finger close together (Sahih Muslim, Book 042, Number 7108)
annual development reports are available after 5 to 7 weeks of proccess and being sent out between january and may.
the annual development reports only provided if the full yearly amount have been paid.

Alnas foundation(non-profit) collects sadaqah, Islamic will, Lillah and Zakah and spends %100 of the Collected funds on it's Projects in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Gaza. islamic charities , islamic charity organizations )