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Health Care and Medicine Distribution

Providing access to medication and healthcare is fundamental and stands against poverty, although helps to make the new generation more healthier, stronger, maximum the high growth.

Alnas foundation plan to make a unique contribution to efforts to broadly spread efficient and effective models of health care provision, that will save millions of lives in the developing countries.

Some examples of Alnas foundation health care program:

  • providing artificial limbs and wheel chairs
  • hearing and vision tests for children
  • emergency surgury
  • providing Antibiotics, vitamins and powdered milk for children
  • HIV education/safe sex
  • providing First-aid Kits

Malaria is a major cause of illness and death in Africa, also Malaria worldwide puts in risk the life of approximately 3.3 billion people Annually.
A Despite improvements in recent years, Malaria remains one of the largest killers in Gambia.

Alnas foundation is also helping to the Prevention of Malaria in countries such as Yemen, kilis refugee camp, Ghana, Pakistan, Gambia and India, and providing bed-nets, and anti Malaria drugs such as: chloroquine and doxycycline.


Alnas foundation( non profit ) collects sadaqah, Islamic will, Lillah and Zakah and spends %100 of the Collected funds on it's Projects in Palestine, Syria, lebanon, Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Gaza. islamic charities , islamic charity organizations )