Donation Line & Processing Center
+1 855 375 0127 International (Toll Free)


The volunteers are Alnas's biggest investment, and one of the methods of helping Alnas is volunteer work.Volunteer is an individual who without Expecting to recieve any wage, taking responsibility related to the Alnas's work.

  • Alnas foundation is alike other institutes gains its social identity from volunteers.
  • volunteers helping Alnas to fulfill it's needs(manpower) to Save and spend more donations for the intended projects.
  • volunteers also could help to raise funds for projects by setting up campaigns.
  • volunteers also could help to give assistant to those in need more quickly and efficiently.

we are welcoming every individual(any age) who intends to get involved in a Charitable and Pious deed to contact us, to help us to assist:

  • hungry and thirsty
  • Refugees
  • War victims
  • Individuals and families suffering from Poverty
  • and more ...