Orphanage Construction Project

Help build a new orphanage and you'll provide a safe, loving home for many orphans for years to come.

Since march of 2009, Alnas Foudation has sponsored thousands of orphans in Turkey, Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Ghana, Pakistan, Jordan and Lebanon, but this year Alnas foundation has a much  greater plan to create it's first orphanage with 400-420 beds in the city of Gaziantep in south of turkey which is less than 1 hour away from Kilis refugee camp.

The orphanage sought to offer a higher life quality to orphans, such as accommodations, Nutrition and whatever is needed to give them the best education possible the tools they need to go on to live a productive life.


A gift to Alnas Foundation may entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction against your income tax if you itemize deductions.

Created March 29, 2017
Alnas foundation (non-profit)


  • $10.00
    from shahfarhan
    Help others....
  • $10.00
    from Haji Yusri
    Pls donate to please only Alla
  • $15.00
    from Yussra
    may Allah (swt)accepts our sad
  • $15.00
    from Mostafiz
    May ALLAH save all of us.
  • $35.00
    from Mostafiz
    May ALLAH save all of us.
  • $82.00
    from Hussain
    Pls donate for the sake of all
  • $20.00
    from Z
    May allah bless you all.
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