Annual Quran Distribution Project Project

The Quran was revealed in the Holly month of Ramadan by prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as a miracle from Allah.

There is an extraordinary force on the Holly Quran, that gives devout person spiritual strength to endure hardships in life.

Become a FRIEND OF QURAN this Ramadan by sponsoring 100 Quran along with a regular donation of $15 a month.

Join the Quran Distribution Project by pledging the sponsorship of 10,000 Quran for your area in Kilis refugee camp - Turkey, Za'atari refugee camp - Jordan, Shatila refugee camp - Lebanon, Iraq, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey.

The Quran Distribution Project aims to produce and distribute free and simple translations of the Quran for the seekers of Truth. We Print, Publish, Stock and Ship over 10 different translations of the Quran.

Alnas Foundation (non-profit) Quran distribution is giving an opportunity to the new Muslims, young, youth and Muslims of any age to strengthen their spiritual beliefs, Alnas Foundation is supplying Masjids in southern California and Texas with holly books of Quran.

Created May 6, 2016
Alnas foundation (non-profit)


  • $12.00
    from AFZA
    Give while we can
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    from Afza
    Hope this will help a little.
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    from shahfarhan
    Help others....
  • $10.00
    from Haji Yusri
    Pls donate to please only Alla
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    from Yussra
    may Allah (swt)accepts our sad
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    from Mostafiz
    May ALLAH save all of us.
  • $35.00
    from Mostafiz
    May ALLAH save all of us.
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