Sponsor an Orphan today Project

Our Mission Statement:

Orphan Care Project supplies the funds to purchase food for Orphanages in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Gaza, Nigeria, Turkey and Pakistan Usually, food is purchased locally , but sometimes we ship the food to the orphanages.

“Our Children” will have:
• food, clothing, medical care and shelter.
• Continued love and support as they transition into adult living.


The Cost of sponsorship (Orphan care program) per orphan is :

Kilis refugee camp - Turkey,
Za'atari refugee camp - Jordan
Azraq refugee camp - Jordan
Shatila refugee camp - Lebanon

Afghanistan, Gaza, Iraq, Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon (monthly $40/yearly $480)

Bangladesh, Nigeria, Yemen (monthly $35/yearly $420)

We urge you to donate towards our monthly sponsorship program by contributing less than $1.40 a day.
The orphaned children in Kilis refugee camp - Turkey, Zaatari refugee camp - Jordan and Shatila regugee camp - Lebanon have been through the kind of trauma and torture that no child deserves.

Your sponsorship will be directly responsible for providing them with a brighter future. It is up to supporters like you to help these children live a life that all children truly deserve. Please don’t wait and donate now.

Created June 3, 2013
Alnas foundation (non-profit)


  • $10.00
    from shahfarhan
    Help others....
  • $10.00
    from Haji Yusri
    Pls donate to please only Alla
  • $15.00
    from Yussra
    may Allah (swt)accepts our sad
  • $15.00
    from Mostafiz
    May ALLAH save all of us.
  • $35.00
    from Mostafiz
    May ALLAH save all of us.
  • $82.00
    from Hussain
    Pls donate for the sake of all
  • $20.00
    from Z
    May allah bless you all.
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